Good Afternoon Wishes Text Messages & Quotes for Lovers.

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I am so overwhelmed that you chose to read this type of love messages. I just wish you know the level of joy that it brings seeing you (Yes, I can see you from here) read this piece. If you ask me why I am so joyous, I will say, “It is because, it's such a topic that people are not just interested in.”
From experience and through knowledge, so many people in romantic relationships would rather send Good Morning, Good Night, I Miss You and I Love you Messages to their lovers (Including me). Please don't let my lady know this.

You see, I sure know where our problem lies: we only care about the start and the end of each day and in the afternoon, we see no reason to send messages to remind our lovers how important they are to our lives, or some sort of caring messages to ask how they are doing.
Is that good enough? Then this ignorance must stop! It must stop now (I wish I have the power).
And, would you help? If yes, kindly share this on Facebook or tweet this via Tweeter. Let your friends see it also and maybe they also can be the part of the change we seek (Maybe the change I solely seek. Lol.)

Whenever you just want to say hi, or ask how your lover is doing during the day, these Good afternoon sweet love messages collection is best to send.

If you want your lover to be sending these lovely messages to you...
Just copy the link to this post and send to them through their friend. Ask the friend to say something like, “I found this helpful to you. Your Lover would love it.” (Hey! I just pray they are the type that wouldn’t goof such a great idea. If they do, I would be the first to be sorry)

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A promise: I promise to always add more to this list so you can see more each time you visit.

And you can also use any of the love messages we have on this website as Good afternoon Text messages by just adding Good afternoon to end them.

One more thing. I need to teach you how you can even write short messages yourself, without visiting websites like mine. It's a cool write-up and motivational step by step guidelines to follow.
Hey! I didn't mean you shouldn't come visiting. I would love you to always be here, because I will also be here posting lovely messages. Chuckles.
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