Valentine Day Inspirational Quotes

February 14 is a date that should not be forgotten, otherwise …
There’s one that will remind you … in his own way, and it will have absolutely right! If you want to write a few words of love, in addition to these quotes, also see our little poems and phrases for Valentine’s Day 2016.Valentine Quotes
Valentine Day Inspirational Quotes 2016

Valentine Day Inspirational Quotes 2016

“Offering flowers for Valentine’s Day to my beloved, it is a lack of respect! There is no one in this world only flower that can match it or even as beautiful as her pink beauty.”Valentine Day Inspirational Quotes
Quote Maxalexis; A Valentine Love (2015)
“I’ll go where you’ll go, my most beautiful country is you.”
Quote Maxalexis; Eternal Love (1992)
“In the land of love for a starry night, visit this evening in our padded room.”
Quote Maxalexis; One Night of Love (1995)
“Your lips are the color of my hope, trust your eyes is my horizon.”
Quote Maxalexis; I love you and you write it (2009)
“I feel like an awakening at the dawn of your eyes, to know the intoxication of love your arm.”
Quote Maxalexis; The infinite Love (1998)
“I yesterday morning to dreams of your nights, I breath love the days of thy life.”
Quote Maxalexis; The infinite Love (1998)
“I love you more every day, every minute, every second, I have no other thought than you, everywhere I’m surrounded by your image: my angel of love, I adore you, I’ll idolater, I saw, I hope in you: I bless you to be who you are, that woman that I love, thank you and the inexpressible charm you pour out my life. ”
Quote from Benjamin Constant; Letter to Mrs. Lindsay, December 3, 1800.
“I need the air you breathe as the only atmosphere where I can live.”
Quote from Benjamin Constant; Letter to Mrs. Lindsay, 23 November 1800.
“Neither you, nor I, that love corrects words: but we … endless and back!”
Quote Henri-Frédéric Amiel; The share of the dream (1863)
“You and I are united for eternity, only death can separate us.”
Quote from Benjamin Constant; Letter to Anna Lindsay, 25 December 1800.
“In me nothing is extinguished or is forgotten, my love feeds on your love: I love you infinitely.”
Quote Pablo Neruda; If you forget me, long version (1904-1973)
“I love you so much I want to melt with you, lose myself in you.”
Quote Jean Guitton; Talks on human destiny (1970)
“I love your love and I want your desire.”
Emil Michel Cioran quote; Solitude and Destiny (2004)
“Thou alone art all my joy, all my happiness, all my life; I am worth by you and for you.”
Quote from Victor Hugo; Letters to the bride, At Adele (1821)
“As long as your happiness will be forever assured, I want to live.”
Quote from Victor Hugo; Letters to the bride, At Adele (1821)
“I like that? I love you! You’re the complement of all.”
Quote Christian Bobin; A small party dress (1991)
“The world for me, it’s you, it is the place where you are: the world is us, this is our love.”
Quote Alphonse Karr; Under the lime trees (1832)
“To you my life, my love, to you my heart forever.”
Quote from Charles Trenet; Your Face (1947)
“You can open up the arms a hundred times, it’s always the first time.”
Quote Jean Ferrat; Lyrics of the song It’s always the first time (1965)
“You’re a flower whose fragrance is mine.”
Quote Alphonse Karr; Under the lime trees (1832)
“I am yours and you are mine, we are united forever, that it never changes.”
Goethe quote; Faust II (posthumous, 1832)
“It is so his head resting on the shoulder of the woman you love.”
Quote from Paul de Kock; Neither never or always, I (1841)
“The best trip down here, is that we do toward one another.”
Quote from Paul Morand; Praise for the Rest (1937)
“Coast to coast swimming, we will flee without rest or truces to paradise of my dreams!”
Quote Charles Baudelaire; The wine lovers, The Flowers of Evil (1857)
“Every season, while sky, are good when one is both.”
Alphonse de Lamartine Quote; Jocelyn, 20 September 1793.
Valentine Day Inspirational Quotes

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