Promise Day Whatsapp Staus & WeChat Message

Here we go again with the latest collection of Promise Day Whatsapp Status for your boyfriend and girlfriend. As you know Kiss Day is the Fifth Day of Valentine Date Sheet and it is celebrated on the 11th of February every year. Kiss Day is open to all age grounds so it can be celebrated by almost anyone!
This time rotates around making a serious assurance past issues and disappointments and discussing how, together, they can be succeed. Keep in mind, everybody commits errors for a reason and it is vital you take in something from your past droops.
These days most people prefer using digital means of communication i.e. Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Telegram and BBM etc. So we made a collection of selected messages you can use to send on Whatsapp or other messengers on Kiss. You can freely share these Wishes, Greetings with your friends and girlfriend. Just copy, paste, share and spread the love. Promise Day Message For WeChat
We Met It Was Luck!
We Talked It Was Chance!
We Became Friends It Was Destiny!
We R Still Friends It Is Faith!
We'll Always Be Friends Its A Promise!
On This Promise Day!!!
Love Is The Happiness Of Today,
And Promise Of Tomorrow,
So This Warm Note Comes To You,
To Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.
Happy Promise Day…
This Promise Day
I Don’t Promise You The Moon,
I Don’t Promise You The Star,
But If You Promise To Remember Me,
I Promise To Be Always There.
Happy Promise Day.

Happy Promise Day 2015!!!
Don’t Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars..
Just Promise Me..
You’ll Stay Under Them With Me..
Happy Promise Day..
Speaking Without Egos,
Loving Without Intentions,
Caring Without Expectations,
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always.
Happy Promise Day
On This Very Auspicious Day ,
I Give To You All My Truest Wishes
And Promise That I Will Remain Forever True.
Everything We Do Throughout Our Lives
Will Be An Everlasting Testament
To Our Devotion To Each Other.
Happy Promise Day
I Must Have Been Born Under A Lucky Star,
To Find A Friend As Nice As You Are.
I Will Follow The Rainbow To The End ,
If You Promise To Remain My Friend !!!
If one day you feel like crying, call me. I can’t promise to make you laugh,
but I’ll be cry with you.

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