Hug Day Facebook Status For Boyfriend Girlfriend

Here we go again with the finest collection of Hug Day Facebook Status for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend. As you know Hug Day is sixth day associated with Valentine Date Sheet and it comes on the 12th of February every year. 

Hug Day essentially offers us a reason to acknowledge our own friends and family and demonstrate every one of them exactly how much they intend to every one of us. Everybody subtly needs truly like alongside a basic embrace has the ability to discharge developed stretch alongside strain quickly. A solitary acknowledge brings inspiration and is a token of adoration and additionally treatment.
Following is a comprehensive collection of Latest Hug Day Facebook Status For 2015 which you can share with the one you love, go through each, choose one or more and send for your sweet heart with chocolates.  
Even though I’m away, in my heart
I’m right by your side.
And here’s a hug from me
To say, I love you lots
Happy Hug Day.
Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Just Like This, Let Me Continue To Love You.
Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Happy Hug day!!!
Hug Day is not how long you’ve been together;
not how much you’ve given or receive;
Not how many times you’ve helped each other
It’s how you value each other.
A hug is a great gift…One size fits all…
It can be given for any occasion…
And it’s easy to exchange……
Have a Nice Hug Day.
Never Wait Until 2mrrow To
Hug Someone You Could Hug 2day
Coz When You Give One You
Get One Right Back Your Way.
Happy Hug Day!
You Cant Wrap Love In A Box,
But U Can Wrap A Person In A Hug.
A Hug Charms, Warms And Makes Everyone Happy!!!
That Must Be Why God Gave Us Arms.
So Here Is A Hug For You.
Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
your heart understood when I needed a friend.
your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
your strength and love has guided me & gave me wings.
Wishing you a happy hug day!!
Do you know, there is one gift which can’t be given without taking it back.
That is why I give you hug, which can’t be giving without taking it back.
Happy Hug Day!

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