Chocolate Day Whatsapp Staus & WeChat Message For 2016

So you are searching for Latest Chocolate Day Whatsapp Status for your girlfriend or boyfriend. As we all know that Propose Day comes on 8th of February and celebrated as second day of Valentine Week. In this article we collected some of the most finest Propose Day Message in English which you can use on Whatsapp and other messaging applications. 
In some cases, chocolates are a really typical blessing, yet you can simply put your customized touch on them too. One way you can do this is by putting your arrangement of chocolates in a crate and adorning the wicker container. You could likewise include a card and a couple of different blessings to make it resemble a complete bundle.
Now a days many people prefer using digital mode of communication such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Telegram and BBM etc. So we made a collection of selected messages you can use to send on Whatsapp or other messengers on Chocolate Day. You can freely share these Wishes, Greetings with your friends and girlfriend. Just copy, paste, share and spread the love. Chocolate Day Message For WeChat
Life is like a chocolate box
Each chocolate is like a portion of life
Some are crunchy some are nutty
Some are soft but all are delicious
Happy Chocolate Day
Forget Your Diet Today Indulge And Give In To The Temptation Of Chocolates.
Happy Chocolate Day 2015
This is a chocolaty message,
For a dairy milk person,
From a five star friend,
For a melody reason,
And a kitkat time,
On a munch day,
In a perk mood to say,
Happy Chocolate Day
Lovely chocolate and Lovely you,
And Lovely are the things you do,
But the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is Me and Other is you!
“Happy chocolate day”
A dairy milk chocolate specially for you.
I Searched Many Shops To Buy The Best Chocolate For You..
But I Didn’t Find Any Chocolate Sweeter Than U & Ur Smile..
Happy Chocolate Day..
Today is chocolate day,
Dairy milk for love,
Perk for friends,
Kit Kat for best friends,
Polo for hatred,
And mentos for cool persons,
What do you choose for me?
The Sweetness Of A Chocolate Remains In The Tongue For A Minute.
But, The Sweetness Of A Person Remains In The Heart For The Whole Life.
Happy Chocolate Day My Dear.

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